Positive Affirmation Card Reading 15th Oct – 22st Oct

So I haven’t done a positive affirmation #reading for all of us in a long time!!! So I shuffled my #miriclesnow cards and asked them for guidance this week!!

The card I picked reads: 

‘In The Midst Of A Meltdown, I BREATH Through The Discomfort And Come Out The Other Side’ 


Anytime you feel any pressure or stress it’s always good to pause for a minute and take some long deep breaths in and out! When everything gets too much mentally, physically or both our minds and bodies react and we go into panic mode! The simplest things become a task and we then start to have a ‘meltdown’ we start to suffer… But taking a few minutes to ground yourself and breath will really help!! Try and refocus while letting all the tension come out of you! The situation your in wont change but how you deal and process it definitely will! Also take a few minutes to do something physically to clear your mind like having a cup of tea or read a few pages of your favourite book… ❤️💜💛💚💙 So remember this week just pause and take deep breathes when things overwhelm you and come out stronger on the other side! 

Peace and love xxx

Positive Affirmation Card Reading for 5th May to the 11th May: Living

Not to well this week so sorry in advanced for the short reading! Xxx


The moment I begin to celebrate myself and focus on my successes is the moment I begin living’ 

This weeks positive affirmation card reading 😊 it was a beautiful full moon last night and with that came allot of rain and wind! Something was quite soothing about the weather! (ESP when your not outside in it lol) When there’s a full moon you can soak up its energy  and really  start focusing on you! If you live in the UK, tomorrow is finally Election Day! It can be a stressful time and all we hear about is what the parties can do for us and their ideas on how we should live but the truth is we have to look at ourselves and ask what can I do for me! We are all beautiful beings and deep down we know what we need and want! But we often push our feelings and thoughts aside to focus on other things! It’s time to #pause and look at all the beauty inside you and start recognising all the amazing things you do and can do! Start focusing on YOU! Make yourself #proud by doing the things you want to do! Stand up for what you believe in and be the best you out there cause you are the only one who can do that! Once you are true to yourself and celebrate the light that shines out of you only then will you start living with confidence and #soul, YOUR SOUL!! We can be the change in any situation it all depends on how much you believe in it and yourself!! 
Love and Light to you all xxxx

Positive Affirmation Card Reading for 28th April to 4th May: Light

Sorry for the Very late post, my hay-fever was Soo crazy he past few days! Iv only stopped sneezing  now! Had such a busy day on Monday so yesterday I  just wanted to crash out!

For those who follow me on Instagram I Picked a card for this weeks Positive Affirmation Reading on Tuesday  morning and wrote a short reading there but was too tiered to post on here so hope you understand 🙂 

This weeks card is.. 


‘I Am Not The Victim; I Am The          Lighthouse!’

I didn’t really get this card when I first read it! I even naughtily shuffled the deck again and re picked but I was still drawn to this card and randomly managed to pick it up again lol law of attraction lol 

I began to stare at this card! I ignored the words and just focused of the beautiful  colours. As I closed my eyes the bright red slowly turned into Orange and yellow! I could feel the warmth of the colours wash over me. Then I could see little flashes like a camera flash but it wasn’t white! The flashes were purple and blue! It was Soo nice! I just felt so happy and relaxed! These feelings were so strong then I looked at the words on the card and immediately thought this is how I will feel if I become this beacon of light!  I also realised if I surround myself with people who project this light I will still have these wonderful feelings even if my light is dimmed or when I’m having a bad day.. 

Victim is a very strong word! When you think about being a victim you automatically think about things like being a victim of bullying or a victim of abuse etc… But in some situations we can make ourselves victims of our minds. We do this by starting to focus on something that hurt us and not letting go of it! I used to do this allot and still do… 

Say someone pushes into you on the street, drops your coffee but they keep walking, don’t apologise and they just ignore you completely. Most of us would automatically feel upset, hurt or angry about what has happened. We can get quite upset and start winding your self up about it but there is another way to think about it! This card is reminding  you to be of Light! Think of all the other reasons someone could have bumped into you.. They could have had so many things going on in their head that their mind was completely somewhere else or they were running late for an important appointment and didn’t even realise what they did… Being of light is about being positive and wanting to share good and loving vibes into the universe! It’s to project a pure energy that attracts positivity without you needing to do anything. Light is love and Love is what we all need!  Last week we learnt to love ourselves and be open to receiving love and this week we are now projecting love and Light! 

 So this week if someone hurts you try and resolve it in your mind with positive thinking even if they were totally in the wrong send positive light  to them! By you doing that you will shine so brightly and wash away any negative thoughts and feelings!! When you become the ‘lighthouse’ good things will come to you and you will also attract others whom you can guide with your light😊 

This weeks song for the reading is… 

Rihanna- Dimonds click here to watch it 😊

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Won’t post till next week as I’m still not well… 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and the long weekend (if you live in the UK) 

Peace and Love xxx

Positive Affirmation Card Reading! For 21st April to 27th April : LOVE

Its Soo sunny today 😊! I woke up at 9am but lets not get that confused with actually getting out of bed lol! I was still in bed at 12pm stretching and waking my body up! I felt like playing Drakes latest album to wake up to today! It’s getting me really excited for wireless festival! 


I have to go to the dentist today to get my mouth guard! I’m also taking grandma to the hospital to pick up her new hearing aids! Hopefully her hearing will be improved and she will be able to be herself again!


Ok so it’s time for this weeks inspirational affirmation! 

After praying and also sitting in the sun on my bed I picked this weeks card 😊 

The card reads 

‘I Am Ready To Recieve Love’ 

This card couldn’t come at a better time!! Summer is starting and we want to get out and about! We want to be able to sit on a park bench so the sun hits our skin or we want to try and be more active because we became hermits during winter! Allot of us tend to find winter really hard and lose allot of love and care for ourselves because we unconsciously close up to love!

Being ready to give love is quite easy! Most of us do loving things with out blinking an eye! Complimenting somone is loving, smiling at a stranger is loving, buying your parents a gift is loving, making food for your friends is loving etc… But sometimes we are not READY to Recieve love because we feel bad! And when you have a chronic illness being ready to accept love on top of physical/mental support can seem over baring or we feel like people do so much For us already that we forget we need love just as much as everything else. 

Should I let you in on a secret? We ARE READY for love! We were all born ready! From the moment we were created we grew because of love! We just need to accept it as one of the most natural things that can happen to us! So are you ready? – ‘Yes we were BORN READY!’ 

Receive is an amazing word! Sometimes we get the word confused with taking! To receive is to accept what is coming to you but with no ill or insecure feeling afterwords! When we receive our bodies and souls will react! Receiving means we are open to obsorbing what is being presented to us, and in this case it’s love! 

Love comes in many forms and to receive it is to accept it! We have established that we are ready for love and that receiving it is as important as giving love! I know as a spoonie I sometimes feel like I don’t need it and I need stregth instead so i can keep strong! But I got it all wrong! Love comes to me in all forms and wether it’s from a friend hugging me or the checkout guy in Tesco helping me pack  my bags! It’s it continually being presented to me and I learnt that when I accept the loving actions presented to me I automatically grew stronger! 

So this week make sure you tell yourself 

‘I Am Ready To Recieve Love’ 

Also keep an eye out for All the loving things that come your way this week and write them down! I bet you will be surprised how many things come up 😊 

The song that played in my head when I picked this card was: 

Katrina  & The Waves – Walking on Sunsshine

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 Have a lovely and Loving Week 

Peace and Love xxx

Angel Oracle Card Reading for April 2015

Today i have allot of pain 👎 so just been in bed most of the day! On a flare up day I like to catch up on reading, I listen to music and meditate (trying not to over medicate). I do anything to distract me from pain! 

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I use Angel Oracle cards to help me connect and communicate with my angels! The aim is always love and positivity, that’s why I love them! It’s the same idea as tarot cards but angel cards feel right for me! The cards I used today are from Doreen Virtue! She’s an amazing lady and I would highly recommend going to her website and checking her out 😊

This is the front of the box, its such a pretty box! You get a booklet inside with information about each card and also an introduction about using the cards and how you can get the most from them! You also get 44 cards in the deck! They are illustrated sooo beautifully and really speak to you!

So an hour ago I decided to do an angel reading for my followers… Remember this is just about love and positivity 😊 so I did my prayers and started meditating I then asked my angels to come around! 

So I asked them who will be guiding us this month! And I picked Omega! 

As Soon as I saw this card I felt this gush of empowerment flow through my body! The queen song ‘I want to break free’ started playing in my ears and I forgot about my pain and felt like  moving around 🙂 

This card reads 

“Victory! Your desire is comming to fruition. Keep up the good work!” 

Everyone has things they want in life and depending on the day, week, month or years our needs will change! You can get allot of guidance from this card and as this is our first reading together I believe omega turned up to let us know that we’re doing the right thing! When you have a chronic illness it can be hard to go for the things we want because our health can get in the way! But this month omega is telling us loud and clear that we can do what ever we want as long as we keep at it! We have to make the choice to be happy! Omega is a healer too and knows the smallest things to others can be the biggest victory to us! He wants us to know that all our strength comes from within us and he’s by us giving us the love to accomplish what we want! Our bodies can let us down at times and like me today, all you want to do is sleep through the pain but you end up feeling guilty for not being ‘active’ 

Well not anymore! We have to accept the days like this but also find a purpose on these days so we don’t feel bad about it! The flare up days can give us a day to paint our nails, or read a book, catch up with friends/family, spend time thinking of positive thoughts, play some music, do some light yoga/stretches, meditate, watch a film etc… 

We create what’s normal and active for us! Do everything to better yourself and others! And if anyone dares to call you lazy just smile and know that you are Victorious like Omega and people must be blind if they can’t see our strong wings, long mane and magical healing unicorn horn 😜 lol 

This is the month to keep going and like Freddie Mercury it is the time to sing  ‘I Want Break Free’ and really mean it! 
Click on the photo below to play song on YouTube 🙂 


 This is our April reading I wil do another in May 
Peace and Love xxxx

Asthma update 


I had a long ass day at the #Hosp today! Appointment ended up being nearly 2 hours long because of my #Asthma…. Found out there’s something wrong with my vocal cords and need to get a CT of my lungs… Been put on steroids which I hate cause it kills my joints! I will try but will come off it it hurts to much! Seriously thinking not to start the steroids though!! Been given #codeine to take on top of my #amitriptyline to help my sleep with the coughing and rib sublex or dislocate!  But I seriously doubt it will help! I hate codeine as I used to be pumped up with it! But it’s a low dose so will give it ago for three weeks only!…. Got other Meds to but chemist was out of stock… But had a lovely evening Soo tiered now Gonna watch TV and crash night xxx 😊 

Let’s talk ‘LIFE HACKS’

What are Life Hacks you may ask? It’s a list of things that help me through life!

I suffer from a few medical conditions and one of the hardest to manage is my EDS and Fibromyalgia. Living with so many complex conditions can be very tricky and it can feel impossible at times. I was 16 and in the middle of GCSEs when my health deteriorated! My life turned upside-down and I didn’t recognise my body anymore I just felt lost! I went from going out with friends and family to having to stay at home or in hospital all day!! I could no longer do small things like painting my nails or making a cup of tea! Back then I didn’t think I could do anything independently anymore! EVERYTHING SEEMED LOST! 

You will be glad to hear that things have changed soo much! And I am no longer that scared and lost teenager I once was! like soo many of you I have gone through  lots of challenges and changes but for the better! I have learnt to pick myself up and I came to the realisation that If I want to see a change I need to be that change!!

I am now 26 and living in tempory (been here 4 years lol) supported housing two roads down from my parents. I am 100% more clued up about my health conditions and have oblivious grown up allot!! I now know and understand that life goes on and you just have to adapt to it! Anyone can do anything they want as long as you’re smart about it and have self belief! 

I have learnt loads on my journey so far especially when it comes to making sure I live my life to the fullest ontop of keeping a healthy balance between my life and my health conditions! But I’m telling you it’s soo hard ESP in the beginning! But I’m trying my best a and I couldn’t live like this now without my ‘life hacks’


Life hacks are basically things that help you in your life to just be you! This is just an introduction to ‘life hacks’. There are soo many that it would be too complicated to write them here so visit my Life hacks page to read the different posts!! I will keep updating that page 🙂

Please send me your advice and life hacks and I will add them to the page to 🙂 lets go!!! Click here 

First post 👇

To read ‘Clean Hair Life Hacks’ Click here 

Peace and love xxx

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My Experience of Sexual Assault in hospital & how to report it! 

I know this is not one of my normal blog posts but I feel like I need to share this!! This is a really long post so I suggest making some tea before you start 🙂

For people with chronic conditions, hospital can be like a second home! You get nervous the first few times but you have gone through soo much that at the end you just get on with it and it’s not a scary place anymore but a place where you know you need to be! 

I used to be very shy going to hospital but after being in and out of there for 10 years it’s not somthing that bothers me at all! I’m very comfortable with all my consultants and I have never felt scared or weirded out by any doctors, UNTIL 2013…. 

I had a laproscopy in April 2013 to check for endometriosis. After the operation I kept getting these crazy coughing fits everytime I tried to talk or laugh! I am asthmatic and my blue inhaler would not help me! I would cough till I was choking and somone would have to physically slap my back so I could breath again! This carried on for a few months so I was referred to the asthma clinic in a very famous NHS hospital in Paddington West London … I have been there a number of times when I was younger.. I have suffered from asthma since I was seven and I have had so many asthma attacks and chest infections in my life including pneumonia! So I’m very used to seeing doctors about my chest and know all the tests they do to check you! 

Anway so I finally arrive at this chest clinic appointment! My dad has accompanied me.. I first saw this really nice male nurse, he took me through all the lung function tests so we could show my doctor my results at the beginning of the appointment.. After the tests I went back into the waiting room and my name was called out by a male doctor Prob mid 50s..  I told my dad to wait there as I knew it was a chest appointment and it would have been awkward having dad in the room with me 😕 

The doctor seemed very friendly he opened the door for me and told me to take a seat! As I walked passed him he touched my shoulder! For a quick second I thought it was weird as Iv never met him before but I didn’t think too much about it as I’v had consaltants in the past hug me and I just take It as they care (which they do). I sat down and he brought his chair close to me so he was directly infront of me! we started talking about my problem but he seemed weird! The way he looked at me was just strange and he was saying things like you can’t have eds as you are short and not slim but then compliment me after.  Anyway he didn’t spend long with me and told me to go get a chest X-ray and come back! I left the room and went with dad to get the X-ray.. I kept telling my dad this doctor is weird somthing is not right!

So I got my X-ray and came back to see the doctor… As I sat in his room again he told me he needs to check my chest ! Normally they can check it from the chair but because I was having so many problems he said it’s better to do it on the bed! I was told to undress but keep my underwear on ( I didn’t ask for an chaperone nor was I offered one as he was not going to check under my bra and knickers) . It was really hot that day and I was wearing a vest dress and a light cardigan. I didn’t fully undress because I knew he was just checking my chest so I dropped my dress to my belly so it covered everything below my belly button… He then did the normal tests.. He listend to my chest and then he checked my back with a stethoscope then told me to lie on my back! So I lay down and he started doing the normal tests on the front of my chest then looked at me funny! He then let go of the stethoscope and started doing some tapping thing they do on my chest! Then all of a sudden his one hand went under my bra and he started squeezing my left boob and rubbing my nipple for around 30 seconds while smiling at me! I just FROZE!!! I honestly didn’t know what was happening I just felt shocked, sick and wrong all at the same time! My mind and heart were screaming but my body just froze!  I then managed to move my body and he stoped and Walked back to his desk saying to get changed again… 

I got dressed and went back to the seat. I didn’t say anything! my mind had emptied and I was feeling soo shocked 

He wrote me a prescription then I left.. I couldn’t say anything to my dad as I was feeling soo strange and embarrassed ! I did text two friends on the way home explaining what had happened and both replied saying that’s wrong! No doctor has ever checked my breast like that and I can’t think of any exam that requires you to do what he did! I have had breast checkups before and they would never go under your bra like that! they will ask you to take it off and normally sit up or put your arms over your head! I am 100% comfortable with doctors ESP if they are examining me but this was the first time in 24 years I had ever felt like this! I decided to go straight to my mums house! I told my mum and sisters about it as soon as i got home and they said to call the police but I was soo trumatised that I just tried to sleep.

The next day I went back to my flat! I live in supported housing so I have carers living in the flat who look after me! I told the staff and they straight away told me I need to report it! They said we have to contact the police but that scared me soo much as I didn’t know how I was feeling, I was just shocked! we decided to contact the hospital first! We contacted the hospitals patient advice and liaison service (PALS) for information on reporting sexual abuse! They weren’t very helpful and ended up not even documenting my first complaint properly! They also told us we need to report it in the General Medical Council (GMC). We had to go online and fill out a form reporting the incident. Then we were told to contact an advocacy agency called Voice Ability who help disabled young people with issues like this! We rang them up and explained what had happened they then said we had to report it to the police ASAP! We waited for the police and when he arrived he took my statement! He then warned me that if I continued with reporting it through the police it would be a long process    (He wasn’t encouraging at all and it felt like he didn’t really support me) then he said since i have reported it to the GMC I should wait for their outcome then contact the police again! He also asked the staff if ‘I make stuff up‘ because I am disabled!! The staff got angry as I only have physical disability but even if I had a learning disability should the police be talking about a victim like that? I wasn’t there when he said that the staff told me after he left!  

Anyway allot happened after reporting the doctor and because I am under social services we had to have a few meetings between the PALS representative and Us ( social services and I) the PALS lady first read us a statement that the GMC had no cause for concern regarding the doctor and spoke about his ‘clean record’ they also read a statement from the doctor saying He never touched my breast in the examination! That statement alone   reconfirmed it in my head that he sexually Asssulted  me and there was never going to be an medical explanation into why a doctor would touch me like that! I then told the lady he is definitely guilty  because he’s saying he never touched my breast! She then got soo defensive of the doctor(she’s ment to be a nutural representive) I then asked her what medical exam involves a doctor using one hand to grope a patient breast under her bra while she is lying down and she said she will look into it! A few weeks later we had the meeting again this time the doctor had changed his statement and now states that he did touch my breast area and it was because he was checking my heart beat and I did not feel the stethoscope because it’s was a special one that’s not cold and it was a hot day!!  I was soo angry like is this man actually suggesting that that I didn’t feel let alone see his invisible stethoscope!!! He had stopped using his stethoscope and just had his hand! And to make this worse the representive from the hospital tried to make excuses for him! The meeting ended and I asked for a copy of the statement she read today and the previous statements for what the doctor said he never touched my breasts and her recponce  was this is the same statement as the first one!!!! We argued saying it was different but she refused to change her mind! Then left and that was the end of the meetings…. 

A month later the GMC finally get intouch with me to start investigating my case! The first thing I asked them was ‘didn’t you tell the hospital that you have no cause for concern regarding this case? they said they have never looked into the case as il they haven’t taken my statement so how can they make a decision. So basically the hospital covered up for the doctor 

Nearly 2 years on and the GMC have still not finished investigating because of major setbacks like my hospital file going missing for a few months, then my gp asking me not to complain because the doctor is her friend, to my NHS details getting deleted of the system now my police file has gone missing to so they can’t complete the investigation!!!! Am I crazy or is this a blatant COVERUP??! 

I never wanted to sue as I love the NHS I wouldn’t be here with out it but I think I have to sue the doctor personally! You don’t get anywhere through a normal complains procedure! We have all see the crazy/disgusting abuse scandals in the news recently and after my experience I can see why it took soo long to get the bad guys! 

The complaints system is a joke! The way they treat young women who complain about sexual abuse is a joke and the attitude of people who are ment to encourage you to report stuff like this is a joke! This is why soo many people do not report abuse in hospital because they don’t know how! Or if you do proceed with your complain you are only greeted by a system that does not work or takes a very long time to actually deal with! It’s even harder going through somthing like this when you have chronic conditions because it becomes so tiering! I was lucky to get allot of help with this as I was under the age of 25 so social services were good but now I have no one to help as I’m in adults social team. I don’t really have much of a support system around me anymore and people don’t seem to care because they see it as just a ‘grope’! But it’s not right at all! He could have done worse to other women and to women who don’t know how to speak up about it! So it’s my responsibility to make sure it’s reported and people know!  

I have never regretted complaining and I will never give up on this case! if we don’t standup for ourselves then cases like these will still go unnoticed! It is very hard to deal with this and very frustrating!

I hope the GMC will finally finish investigating this case and the truth comes out. I still have some faith in this system. In the mean time this post is out here for anyone els who has gone through somthing similar! If anyone has any advice for me please contact me! 

So remember 

  • Always have a Chaperone in the room during body exams 
  • Take someone with you if your not comfortable 
  • Report any incident that happens straight to the PALs service in your hospital 
  • Also report it to the GMC through their website or click here 
  • Always have a pen and paper and write down the time you spoke to anyone regarding the case and their name 
  • Contact a advocacy worker! PALs should help you find one 
  • Ring the police and make an official statement (try and do it witching 48 hours of incident happening)
  • Tell people close to you as you will need their support 
  • Try and use email as much as possible to keep in contact with people involved with the case as this is evidence 
  • Set up a folder to keep all information on there 
  • And Trust you Instincts!! If you feel like you have been abused in hospital or are not happy then there is somthing that’s not right!get advice and get an answer! 

If your still reading this Thank You! 

Peace and Love xxx


Good News ‘driving’

I finally got a letter from my Autonomic  Dr giving me the all clear to drive!!!! I was told previously by DVLA that I would have to go ONE YEAR without fainting to get my licence!! So I gave up then because that would never happen even if I didn’t have POTs! But my doctor said because it does not happen while sitting Im ‘safe’ for the road!! Now I have another huge bump in the road (excuse the pun lol) I am partially sighted and currently don’t pass the vision requirements! But I am seeing a doctor about that next month!! So fingers crossed I get the go ahead!!!! Wish me luck 

Peace & Love xxx