Asthma update 


I had a long ass day at the #Hosp today! Appointment ended up being nearly 2 hours long because of my #Asthma…. Found out there’s something wrong with my vocal cords and need to get a CT of my lungs… Been put on steroids which I hate cause it kills my joints! I will try but will come off it it hurts to much! Seriously thinking not to start the steroids though!! Been given #codeine to take on top of my #amitriptyline to help my sleep with the coughing and rib sublex or dislocate!  But I seriously doubt it will help! I hate codeine as I used to be pumped up with it! But it’s a low dose so will give it ago for three weeks only!…. Got other Meds to but chemist was out of stock… But had a lovely evening Soo tiered now Gonna watch TV and crash night xxx 😊 

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