Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday 


Today marks the birth of one of the greatest, most inspirational artist of all time! the one and only ‘Bob Marley‘   

We grew up on his music and it has definitely helped me stay positive! My family are East African Catholic Goan’s from Tanzania, my ancestors are from Goa and I was born here, so we have a lovely mix of culture & music in our home/lives. When ever  I go back to visit my family in Tanzania i will hear allot of music especially reggae music… One of my Granny’s favourite artist was Bob Marley! I remember my Aunties (granny’s sisters) were all in a room singing some old school songs… I then noticed my granny was sitting on her own in the corner singing to herself… As I sat next to her I recognised the song! She was singing ‘Buffalo Soldier‘ lol. I also went back to a place called Katesh where my Granny brought up my mum & her siblings… It’s a rural part of tanzania but when I arrived the shops that Granny and Grandad own were playing Bob Marley lol it just shows how deep our love for him and his music is! His songs have soo much meaning and they definitely count as a  natural drug for EDS, POTs and the all rest 😊 

So in Honour of Bob Marley here are a few of my favourite  songs and quotes: 

Redemption song 

Small Axe-

African Herbsman



Stir It Up – 


R.I.P Mr Bob Marley! Thank you for your music and mind!! You really give us Musical Healing 

Peace and Love xxx 

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